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We can look at the line from a psychological point of view, which can help us a lot in explaining why a certain type of line is being used in creation of an work of art. In most cases, horizontal line represents peace, tranquility, immobility, and, in some cases, a form of death. Vertical line, analogically opposed to horizontal one, represents ascension, growth, but also immobility (the same as horizontal line). Contrary to horizontal line, vertical one represents a form of life. Askance line opposes to last two, representing movement and dynamics. Symbolically speaking, we can add features of mobility and linear extension to it. Crimp line seems to be mild, elegant and light. Its presence in work of art might be interpreted as a sign of insecurity, but also as cheerfulness. Line which has no definite features is spiral contains elements of all above listed lines, and leaves impression of mystical movement. If we consider psychological effects of line and if we compare it with my installations and other works, we can make some conclusions about my character, temper and spiritual state in the moment of creation.